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This episode of The Tangible Show is with Los Angeles based model and actress, Brittany Hoffner. I am your host, Nick Sabatalo, let's get right into the conversation with Brittany!

Brittany is one of those girls who is always keeping herself busy, hustling every step of the way be it taking acting classes or shooting with a photographer or working her part-time job and I know recently she was working two part-time jobs!

Brittany is one of the hardest working people I know hands down and in our conversation she shares her wisdom with us all that it's more than ok to hustle, it's necessary, and we can't be caught up in thinking about what others think of us all the time because at the end of the one really cares! You have to do what you have to in order to do the things you want and as a creative pursuing your dreams it means having to sometimes put our ego aside and doing what must be done.

This was so refreshing for her to say because I think there is a stigma that models have it easy and that the LA life is so laid back, but for those of us trying to "make it" it doesn't just get handed to you.

Just as it's important to work hard, Brittany reminds us all that it's also important to not take life so seriously and remember to enjoy yourself and have fun. Advice that she admits she needs to take for herself and I could relate too.

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