The Tangible House Show #3 - Rose Smith

This episode is with New York based model and photographer Rose Smith. Rose has been modeling for over 10 years and shares with us how even though it has brought her amazing opportunities, the industry and job of a model is not as perfect as people think it to be, it is also full of rejection, egos and sometimes a blunt disregard for the model's humanity.

Rose has recently found a passion in photography through her ongoing self portrait series on film and we talk about the behind the scenes details of her process and how far she wants to take the series, definitely a gallery show in the near future! She confesses how the shooting process of self portraits has affected her as a person and given her a new sense of self confidence that her prior modeling experience wasn't able to give her.

Rose has just begun to shoot other fashion models and we talk about her goals of the future and being published. Together we talk about our inspirations as photographers and what words we try to live by and Rose reminds us all, "To be as happy as you can be, wherever you are."

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