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"Make bad, make ugly art!"

In this special episode 6 of The Tangible House Show, host Nick Sabatalo has an inspiring conversation with his good friend and fine art artist Tiffany Cole.

Tiffany is currently based in London, but started her art career living in Los Angeles and ironically she first met Nick at an art gallery show opening in downtown LA. This was just around the beginning of when Tiffany started taking her art seriously and focusing on it full time, but Tiffany tells Nick on the show that things have not always been that way for her. Before art, she was lost.

She says, "I couldn't even take a shower without having a panic attack." She had failed relationships, jobs that were unfulfilling to her and she tells Nick, "Everything I had in my life is not what I wanted." And then through that pain and uncertainty she started to create and it was a good friend of hers and fellow artist, Libby Pressnall, who really pushed her to pursue this new passion with everything she has!

Tiffany gives advice to all artists and creatives, "You need to make yourself known," she adds "That's how you're going to find clients, by consistently making yourself known."

Tiffany shares some beautiful life wisdom that, "Something can be done about it...I always keep that in view in mind." She tells us that she's "I've been through...the worst lows...and everything destroyed and sick and can't do shit and in the hospital," but adds that she's also been able to meet her idols and have them appreciate and even buy her art. So, Tiffany puts it simply, "In any situation no matter where you're at you can create something to get yourself out of any situation."

Tiffany and Nick laugh about how throughout their friendship it's hard to say who was the more broke artist at times than the other. Tiffany is as humble as she is talented and on the show gives some honest insight into what the real life and journey as an artist is like, not the overly glamorized painting in our heads that social media can sometimes capture. It's full of hard work and likely a lot more rejections and empty pockets at the beginning than the great successes that you strive for, but as Tiffany puts it, she'd rather be doing art and struggling than a job that she has no love for.

Let's jump right into the conversation with Tiffany and get inspired by this talented artist and incredible woman!

Watch. Listen. Get Inspired.

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