35mm Magazine, Vol. 1 "Digital Issue"


This is a Tangible publication, 35mm Magazine Vol. 1 available as a high quality digital issue download.

Tangible House published and printed 3 titles under the name "35mm" - Issue Zero, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

• 160 pages
• All images herein were photographed on analog film
• Editorials open with a poem to bring to life the photo story
• Editorials close with a handwritten letter by one of that shoots team members

Featured Photographers
Benjo Arwas (cover story) // Nick Sabatalo // Graham Dunn // Larsen Sotelo // Louie Aguila // Ben Cope // Mason Rose // Cameron Hammond // Kenji Onglao

Featured Models
Ellinore Erichsen (cover story) // Victoria Germyn // Cora Keegan // Margaux Brooke // Annie Montgomery // Sofia Reynal // Avery Tharp // Nick Sabatalo // Anastasia Safonov // Dinara Cheytova // Cassy Gerasimova // India Charmain // Emily Trudeau // Rachel Yampolsky // Kris Kidd // Anna Tunhav

The print magazine ships within 24hrs of purchase from Los Angeles, CA and at this time is only available in the US.

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