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tan·gi·ble | \ ˈtan-jə-bəl
capable of being perceived especially by the sense of touch
substantially real  


TANGIBLE - Apparel
Wearable art streetwear inspiring every creative soul you walk by, keeping fine art photography appreciated in-person, off of a phone device, as it should be. 

Shop the collection, items are very limited!


TANGIBLE - Fine Art Prints
All images are film only, a medium we believe is the ultimate of fine art photography that deserves to be printed. Ideally music should be playing with a cocktail in your hand while you and your guests gaze at her on your wall and become inspired by her.

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TANGIBLE - Publishing
Established in 2015, TANGIBLE is an art book publisher which began with her first print project, 35mm. 35mm produced three print issues and hundreds of online editorial stories with the core mission to support and foster the analog community and be an outlet for film only work. 

If you'd like to submit your book project idea, please visit our submissions guidelines page.


TANGIBLE Masterclasses

The single goal is to be a resource and share our knowledge to eager photography students.


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