All content is individually approved by a Tangible House Editor or Curator. Content must be the original work of the artist submitting it and claiming it as their own. See Terms of Use for full details.

Reasons for works to be rejected:
I. Content that we believe to be obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable.
II. Content is not the original work of the artist.
III. Content is too similar to current work offered by Tangible House. 
IV. Content is not scanned high resolution. Digital files must be able to be provided at 300dpi at the maximum offered size. 
V. Content must be analog photography. This includes all formats: negative, transparency, tintype, wet plate, polaroid and instax (and other instant film stocks).

NOTE: Any attempt to mislead Tangible House that a digitally photographed image is analog will lead to instant termination of your current application and any future applications will be automatically rejected. This is very important, if you attempt to mislead Tangible House that your work is analog when it is not and if you are approved and later found guilty of this deceit, and if any sales have been made of this mislead content, you will be held liable for prosecution by both Tangible House and the parties who purchased the item(s).

If you wish to submit works for consideration to be sold through Tangible House please email a pdf of your fine art images for consideration along with links to your social media and website (as applicable).